The Syrian Refugee Crisis and the Hegelian Right of Recognition (or the anti-pseudo Hobbes-Locke-Rousseauian Right for Survival).

by Sujoy Sur

The international community was appalled when the photograph of a young Syrian boy, a refugee, whose boat had capsized in the process of migration from Syria across the Aegean sea, flooded the internet showing his dead body upside down on a beach of a Turkish Resort. The whole episode epitomizes the tragedy of the international system. War torn middle east battling violent demons resurrected by the ashes of the bridges and the houses burnt by the west is an online story which attracts quite an interest by dilettante netizens who empathise with the refugee crisis which they were not aware of till yesterday, or even if they were they did not notice it because the crisis did not have a face in the form of a young boy’s dead body.

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