About the blog

This blog is an attempt to put forth our love for international law and relations to the fore. We aim to discuss and analyse not only the current happenings in international law but academic issues which persist in relation to the subject. Also, we aim to explicate international law in the simplest manner possible so that even a layman may have a principle and elementary understanding of international law and politics.

The blog is founded and currently managed by Sujoy Sur and Sarthak Malhotra, both reading law at an undergraduate level at Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar, India. You can contact us here.

Open Blog

This blog is an open blog i.e. people are free to contribute their articles and understanding on any international issue related to any field of international law, and not only general public international law. We have had articles on International Trade Law, International Environmental Law, and even Intellectual Property Law.  This furthers the primary aim of the blog to deliberate upon international law by allowing people to put their perspective forward and ultimately have a confluence of a wide variety of issues and subjects at one stop.

You can find the submission guidelines here.


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